Benefits of Bookkeeping Training with Complete Bookkeeping

January 25th 2022

All business can benefit from some basic bookkeeping knowledge. At Complete Bookkeeping & Advisory Services, we provide bookkeeping training for small businesses and business start-ups. Bookkeeping training details are customized to each business, based on their individual requirements. We understand that you may want to leave most of your business’s financial services to the pros, and we are happy to assist you there, but there are significant benefits to obtaining some basic bookkeeping knowledge.

Here are some learning outcomes you can expect from my training program:

Basic Bookkeeping Knowledge

Through our training program you will receive customized learning about debits and credits, your chart of accounts (the classification system for your accounting records),basic sales tax information, applicable to your company, along with basic payroll and government remittances.

Filing Deadlines

As a small business owner, it can be overwhelming to keep track of important dates and filing deadlines. We’ll make sure you are aware of all the government deadlines, both provincial and federal. We can also explain how to register for a business number and government E-services as well as how and when to report business income and expenses.

Recording Transactions

Most small business owners use QBO or Sage 50 for their financial management. We will teach you how to process and record transactions in either QBO or Sage 50. We also teach you how to reconcile bank accounts and credit cards, as well as trade payables to your statements. We can troubleshoot any issues you are having and help you create a functional, efficient process for your business.

While we do not train to a certification level, our training will make you a more confident, efficient business owner with the ability to accomplish basic tasks and know what questions to ask of your bookkeeper and accountant to help you feel in control of your business outcomes. We firmly believe that there are basic bookkeeping skills every business owner should have. You’ll know where your money is going, be able to notice potentially costly errors or omissions, and will make sure you aren’t missing out on any tax deductions.

With the basic knowledge Complete Bookkeeping & Advisory Services will provide you, you’ll know where you need help the most and will be able to understand both what your bookkeeper or accountant is doing for you and why. We know you didn’t start your business expecting to get bogged down in paper work and we want make sure the system you have in place is simple and efficient, so it doesn’t happen. Your well-organized system will also make it much easier for us to help you when it comes time for us to take over. Our team will help take the stress out of managing your business’s financial details and your knowledge will help you have a better understanding of how working together will benefit your business.

To learn more, check out the Bookkeeping Training page, then Contact Andrea to schedule training! We understand that your business demands your full attention, so we provide a full range of bookkeeping and online services, letting you focus on what you’re passionate about.